Baby Goat Blinded & Orphaned Is Saved

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Hope's mother (a nanny) and Hope were brought to the Sanctuary at Soledad Goats just 23 hours after her birth. It was a difficult birth.

The untrained owners had not taken the nanny to get medical attention and conducted an internal examination on their own - rupturing and ripping her uterus. The baby's umbilical cord broke off and amniotic fluid burned her eyes. When Hope was finally born the owners could not understand why she wasn't looking at them. The answer was simple, she could not see them.

Hope's mother died from the birth so her kid was left alone. Julian and Carol of Sanctuary at Soledad Goats in Mojave, California took her into their home. Literally. Carol slept with Hope, fed her and spoiled her. She refuses to eat regular goat food. Instead she lives on all kinds of delicious food like 4 pounds of grapes a week!

Today, Hope has learned how to navigate using her sense of sound and remarkably does very well. She climbs stairs, walks around well, even has made a four-legged friend or two.

Sanctuary at Soledad Goats is renown for their cheeses and are now accepting online orders for their all new plant-based vegan cheeses. Please check out their website to support the sanctuary or to try out their amazing cheeses!

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